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About Dawn

Hi I'm Dawn

Dawn, yes that's me. I am a small business owner - Checkout Audrey & Irene. I started Random Thoughts to share tips I've picked up on my journey as a Healthcare Advocate for my Mom, Irene. Random Thoughts is a place to share health and wellness, food, news, randomness, new products & upcoming sales for Audrey & Irene. Don't forget to subscribe. Enjoy!

Family ~ A New Normal

Mom, Al (stepdad) and me at the Dells. My Mom fell injuring her back after this picture. She had surgery to repair an unstable spine. Her life changed dramatically when the Dr cut nerves to her lower extremities. Mom endured additional surgeries to repair issues from the surgical error, which also lead to more complications. Your world gets smaller the more complicated your health issues. When things started getting overwhelming, we learned to establish a "new normal".

Chronic Illness & Chronic Pain

The most important thing you can do, is take care of your health. Don't avoid Doctors if you need them. Don't avoid recommended checkups, screenings and exams. Prevention and early detection are key. That said, some things are genetic or trauma driven and there's nothing you could have done to prevent the onset. Once you are in the Medical System with a chronic illness or chronic pain, you will find it difficult to ever get back out. Why do I say this? Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals make money off chronically sick people, a topic I will explore.

Healthcare & Aging

Healthcare and aging are not only hot topics in current news, they are topics that hit close to home for me. Both my parents are disabled and aging. Navigating the healthcare system is not easy today. Laws, benefits, treatments, standards are constantly evolving. There are additional challenges for children when you have step parents involved. Navigating these issues, advocating for Patients Rights, Ethical Patient Care, Pain Management and Medical Marijuana are a passion for me.

Yoga, Meditation, Spirituality

My journey into Yoga & Meditation began recently as part of therapy for fibromyalgia. Although I've only just started, the benefits of Yoga for your overall health are numerous - strength, tone, flexibility, energy levels, low impact, better respiration, weight loss, balancing metabolism, better circulation and stress management to name a few.

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Accidental Social Media Activist

Passionate Social Media Activist - I Advocate, Educate, Spread Awareness, Unite & Fight for a variety of issues - 

Patients Rights, Ethical Patient Care, Respect for Pain Management Patients, Medical Marijuana, Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Issues, Criminal Justice Reform, Human Rights, Equal Rights, Animal Rights, Planet Earth, Conservation, Education, Global Warming, etc.

Other Interests

Bethany's Brave Heart

Bethany's Brave Heart - Break The Silence is about Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Bullying & Suicide Awareness.

Drs Are People Too

Drs Are People Too is in honor of my Mom, Irene and the healthcare journey that started after a botched back surgery.

CBD Hemp Enlightenment & Education

Facebook Hemp/ Marijuana Educational Page